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What is Love But…

Luba Kassova | August 15, 2023
What is Love But… What is Love But…

I have come to the realisation that, counterintuitive as it may sound, our society doesn’t focus enough on love. Not love as a romantic sensation, a chemical reaction, an irresistible attraction, but love as the most fundamental fabric of humanity. Love as the characteristic that distinguishes us from other species. Love as the antidote to hate. Love as the glue that underpins social connections and goes hand-in-hand with the vast emptiness, penetrating it even deeper than trust. We don’t focus enough on that type of love. And we must because it's this kind of love that fortifies our roots, providing us with the nourishment we so richly deserve. Conscious love is grounding, it binds us to our purpose as humans, to our infinite potential, to everyone and everything around us. Besides naming our daughters Faith or Hope in the Anglo-American world, why not start also naming them Love? 

My mum, who was instrumental in shaping my worldview, was an atheist. She used to say that she didn’t believe in God, but she believed in Love. For me Love is God. It’s the smallest undetectable particle - smaller than an electron - that we all share. 

Here is my little poem about love, born in a dark hotel room in New York City that I shared with my loved ones. I wrote it during the early morning hours when I lay awake waiting for my guys to wake up on our summer holiday.


What is Love But…

What is love but transcending biology

What is love but defying chemistry 

What is love but embracing the unknown

What is love but accepting being alone 


What is love but submerging in tears 

What is love but smiling through pain 

What is love but welcoming impermanence 

What is love but savouring your breath 


What is love but capturing moments 

What is love but letting them go 

What is love but allowing for errors

What is love but a dance in the flow


What is love but a quiet surrender 

What is love but dissolving in air

What is love but stripping the self

What is love but praying in hope.


“Surrender, Surrender, Surrender” 

Here it is: the whisper of love…

Върни се горе